Let's Go! Life Coaching, LLC.

Welcome and Let's Go!

We're all on the journey of life.  We each get to choose which path we travel, how many times we stop to enjoy the scenery along the way, how much luggage we want to carry, what mode of transportation best suits us, etc.

We can select the sight seeing package, the red eye, the bullet train, the adventure package, or the "straight to the top or bust" package.  Even better, we can try out one package and then opt to try a different one.

On the journey of life, there is no destination.  However, within our lives there are plenty of destinations of our own choosing.  The choice is yours.

As a life coach, I'd love to partner with you on your own unique journey.  As a coach, I provide support, encouragement, challenge, honesty, and total commitment to helping you make your dreams a reality.

Angie Scheib, Life Coach