Let's Go! Life Coaching, LLC.

As a coach

Angie received her professional life coach training at the Adler Graduate School. 

At the core

My Myers Briggs type is INTJ

My top 5 signature strengths are:

Perseverance - I love a challenge

Anlytical thinking - I love a puzzle

Creativity - I love to think of creative ways to problem solve

Love of learning - I am a sponge for new information and ideas

Sense of purpose - I like life to have meaning...........solving a problem,  

      making the world a better place, connecting with people,  having fun,

     experiencing something new, etc.

Prior to coaching

Angie graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iowa State University with a Major in Finance and a Minor in Psychology

            -Top Finance graduate in graduating class

Angie worked in corporate finance for 8 years in Minneapolis, MN

          2 years as a financial analyst for First Bank Systems (now US Bank)

          6 years as a financial specialist for Accenture (formerly Andersen


           - Did financial planning, forecasting, research, and computer modeling

           - Worked with a global team of finance professionals

           - Coordinated the documentation of best practices for the finance


Angie has been a full time mom for 11 years

Because of a love of numbers, Angie is also a writer of math test questions

         for standardized state level tests.